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Dotty Dungarees

Run by two mums who set out to re-create that magic and nostalgia by imagining the perfect dungarees, each pair of Dotty Dungarees are uniquely designed to grow with your child.

Adjustable straps and a generous turn up ensure they last at least a year. Plus all dungarees up to 24m have a hidden zip providing easy access for nappy changing. This makes all the difference for parents in a hurry!


Dotty Dungarees is committed to working responsibly and sustainably. 
They only work with partners they know and we trust. They have strong personal relationships with their manufacturers. Wherever possible, they strive to reduce their impact on the natural world: their use of plastics is minimal and their clothes travel by land or sea instead of by air.

Seasons come and go - as do trends - but Dotty Dungarees clothes are designed to stay the course. They are fundamentally sustainable. They grow with your children, they can be worn come rain or shine, season after season, year after year, from generation to generation.
They take a long-term view in everything they do.