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Catherine grew up in the Malvern Hills surrounded by the soundtrack of her mother’s various craft projects; whether that was the soft thrum of a spinning wheel in the lounge or the click of knitting needles each evening.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1999, Catherine launched her eponymous label. 

Catherine Tough collections draw inspiration from the urban sights and sounds that surround her family home in Hackney, where her studio is also located. Underpinned by a very English sense of wit and whimsy, designs are bold, spirited and evoke a warm sense of nostalgia, inspired by Catherine’s own craft-filled upbringing.


All the yarn used in their production is ethically sourced from high-quality spinners that abide by strict animal welfare policies. Our spinners are members of Woolmark, and have signed up to the RSPCA Best Practice in support of The International Wool Textile Organisation Working Document of Animal Welfare and Five Freedoms: 

-      Freedom from hunger and thirst

-      Freedom from discomfort

-      Freedom from pain

-      Freedom from injury

-      Freedom from disease